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Brine's Other Outfits 2

[I CANNOT believe I didn't post these here!

I made more outfits for Brine a while back! This is his beach and formal outfits, along with his outfit from when he originally came to the Overworld!]

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Luciana Reference


Meet Luciana!]


Basic Info

πŸ’Ώ Name: Luciana Starklight
πŸ’Ώ Nicknames: Luciana, Luci, Lu-Lu
πŸ’Ώ Age: 25
πŸ’Ώ Birthday: September 4th
πŸ’Ώ Sex: Female
πŸ’Ώ Gender: Female
πŸ’Ώ Pronouns: She/Her
πŸ’Ώ Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Biromantic | Bisexual
πŸ’Ώ Height: 6'0"
πŸ’Ώ Species: Galaxy Baby/Dimension Hacker
πŸ’Ώ Job: None


Galaxy Baby Traits

πŸ’Ώ Sky Animal: Dawn Jackalope
πŸ’Ώ Gradient: 3 Colors-Uncommon
πŸ’Ώ Inner Ear: Big Stars-Uncommon
πŸ’Ώ Outer Ear: Fluffy Back-Mythic
πŸ’Ώ Eyes: Reverse Tear Heart-Uncommon
πŸ’Ώ Tail: Fluffy-Mythic + Animal Print-Very Rare
πŸ’Ώ Mythics: Combined Tail Markings, Heterochromia, Non-Matching Ears, Star Halo, Mythical Animal

Dimension Hacker Traits

πŸ’Ώ Object Tail Carrier
πŸ’Ώ Power Orb
πŸ’Ώ Glitch in Ears
πŸ’Ώ Halo (Power Receiver)

Game/Server Info

πŸ’Ώ Home Server: Lendala
πŸ’Ώ Biome They Live In: Flower Forest
πŸ’Ώ Preferred Weapon: Glitching Abilities
πŸ’Ώ Favorite Block: Pink Stained Glass
πŸ’Ώ Favorite Item: End Crystal
πŸ’Ώ Favorite Mob: The Ender Dragon


πŸ’Ώ Strengths: Has mastery over glitching, can dimension hop very well, and knows a lot about enchanting
πŸ’Ώ Weaknesses: Is very asocial, doesn't like to show emotions, and doesn't like to eat normal food
πŸ’Ώ Powers: Glitching, teleportation, dimension hopping, healing powers, and star harnessing
πŸ’Ώ Likes: Space, computers, ribbons, pink. blue, drawing, flowers, and clocks
πŸ’Ώ Dislikes: Fish, heights, normal food, and needles
πŸ’Ώ Personality: Luciana, when you first meet her, is quiet, observant, and has a knack for remembering little details and things people say. She doesn't speak much until you get to know her, and she is very calculating. She's not mean in any way, shape, or form, but she tends to think a lot about what she does before she does it. Luciana is very asocial at times and she doesn't like big crowds or gatherings with lots of people. She's very serious, if you can get her to talk to you. When you actually get to know her, Luciana is a very calm and motherly person, a sweet woman who works well under pressure. She's very helpful and generous, and will not hesitate to protect those she cares about. She's also really giggly and tends to be very in tune with the people she cares about.
πŸ’Ώ History: Luciana's history is shrouded in riddles and wrapped in layers, but no one really had torn them away. She grew up in Aermerea with an affinity for the stars and her powers. She was an odd one to see, but she didn't mind the stares. Eventually, Luciana discovered her ability to dimension hop and travel through space. She decided to find a place to settle outside of Aermerea, and she would visit her home world occasionally. Luciana found her way to Lendala, a Minecraftian server. She found a fascination with thsi world a decided to settle in a beautiful flower forest, hidden away in a house she made in a mountainside. She now travels and wanders sometimes, trying to find her purpose in this world.

πŸ’Ώ Trivia

πŸ’Ώ Luciana's favorite colors are pink and blue.
πŸ’Ώ Luciana has a detectable accent, somewhat similar to a French accent.
πŸ’Ώ Luciana's halo spins gently, spinning faster during fierce emotions.
πŸ’Ώ Luciana can basically glitch in and out of different timelines using her powers.
πŸ’Ώ Luciana visits Aermerea to get her food, which is a liquid that simulates eating stars.
πŸ’Ώ Luciana likes to dress up in costumes and cosplays.


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The Rose-Coal-Alstrom Family

[Sorry for the lack of activity here, everyone! I've been working on new references for everyone and haven't really been doing pieces like this or doodles lately.

I wanted to draw a group picture and this is an idea I had for a while! Celina's family! She loves everyone in her family!]

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Beckett Reference

[And here's my last new baby for now! This is Celina's new Amorapuff, Beckett!]

🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼Basic Info

🧼 Name: Beckett Rose-Coal
🧼 Nicknames: Beck, Becky
🧼 Age: 22
🧼 Birthday: February 14th
🧼 Sex: Female
🧼 Gender: Female
🧼 Pronouns: She/Her
🧼 Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Aromantic | Asexual
🧼 Height: 5'10"
🧼 Species: Amorapuff/Bath Bommie
🧼 Job: Companion to Celina


🧼 Amorapuff Traits 🧼

🧼 Rarity: Crossbreed
🧼 Charm: Heart-Rare
🧼 Balloon: Heart-Very Rare
🧼 Ear Filling: Wisped Cotton-Rare
🧼 Wings: One Large Set-Rare
🧼 Tail Object-Ribbon Bath Bomb
🧼 No Rarity Items: Hanging Tail | Flowered Bow | Hanging Topper

🧼 Bath Bommie Traits 🧼

🧼 Tail: Long-Common
🧼 Ears: Rabbit-Common
🧼 Eyes: Regular-Common
🧼 Bath Bomb Scent: Strawberry
🧼 Bath Bomb Additives: Glitter

Game/Server Info

🧼 Home Server: Creaturae
🧼 Biome They Live In: Plains
🧼 Preferred Weapon: Enchanted Golden Sword | Sharpness II | Unbreaking III
🧼 Favorite Block: Pink Banner
🧼 Favorite Item: Sweet Berries
🧼 Favorite Mob: Rabbits


🧼 Strengths: Always knows what to say to comfort people, is very verbose and articulate, and has a passion for cooking
🧼 Weaknesses: Can be socially awkward at times, is still learning how to fly, and doesn't like vegetables
🧼 Powers: Healing magic, flight, and scent magic.
🧼 Likes: Pink, water, stars, space, flying, sweets, and popcorn
🧼 Dislikes: Thorns, cacti, squids, and being alone
🧼 Personality: Beckett is very kind and calm, always keeping herself together, no matter the situation. She really loves to help people and she does so in a very gentle manner. She's very smart, very verbose in her speaking, and likes to use big words when she talks. She's always willing to lend a hand for whatever you need and she'll be by your side no matter what. She's extremely loyal to her friends, the most loyal to Celina. However, Beckett can also be very asocial due to not always knowing social queues. She may be smart, but common sense in social situations isn't something she has a lot of. She can be clumsy at times and has a habit of being extravagant, sometimes adding flair and theatrics to things that don't need them.
🧼 History: Celina had a bath bomb, one she saved for a special ocassion from her mother. It was one of the last things she had from her mother, who has been dead for over a decade now. But it still hurt. Celina still loved her mother and wished she could have saved her. At times, she blamed herself for her mother's death, and this combined with her realization she may not be human was overwhelming her. Celina fell to her knees, clutching onto her bath bomb, when it suddenly turned into something. It turned into an Amorapuff. She stood before the queen, offering a hand to help her up, and Celina knew what this being was. She told her of her emotions and the Amorapuff gave her comfort. Celina gave the Amora a name, Beckett, and welcomed her into her family. Beckett really enjoys her new family's company, and loves all her family members.

🧼 Trivia

🧼 Beckett's name comes from an old English word for streams, coming from the river that Celina's kingdom has running through it.
🧼 Beckett loves cheesecake.
🧼 Beckett's favorite color is hot pink.
🧼 Beckett has a collection of things she fishes up from the river, mostly enchanted books and bottles.
🧼 Beckett also has a collection of pressed flowers.
🧼 Beckett's favorite food is crepes filled with chocolate spread.


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Karla Reference

[Here's a fairy I got! Her name's Karla! :D]


Basic Info

πŸ—οΈ Name: Karla
πŸ—οΈ Nicknames: Karly
πŸ—οΈ Age: 33
πŸ—οΈ Birthday: November 7th
πŸ—οΈ Sex: Female
πŸ—οΈ Gender: Female
πŸ—οΈ Pronouns: She/They
πŸ—οΈ Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Demiromantic | Demisexual
πŸ—οΈ Height: 6 Inches
πŸ—οΈ Species: Fairy
πŸ—οΈ Job: Gardener

Game/Server Info

πŸ—οΈ Home Server: Elvania
πŸ—οΈ Biome They Live In: Swamp
πŸ—οΈ Preferred Weapon: Telekinesis
πŸ—οΈ Favorite Block: Green Wool
πŸ—οΈ Favorite Item: Black Dye
πŸ—οΈ Favorite Mob: Slimes


πŸ—οΈ Strengths: Is good at lock picking, has good eyesight, and is very articulate
πŸ—οΈ Weaknesses: Isn't good at socializing, can be very introverted, and doesn't like to be without her key
πŸ—οΈ Powers: Telekinesis and flight
πŸ—οΈ Likes: Keys, chests, small spaces, mushrooms, and letter writing
πŸ—οΈ Dislikes: Cows, pufferfish, and witches
πŸ—οΈ Personality: When you first meet Karla, she's serious and prickly at times, not wanting to get close to people and being sure not to let anyone in. She doesn't like to be social and is all business. She's very callous and rarely shows any emotions outside seriousness. Karla is very much of a perfectionist and will make sure every detail falls into place they way she wants it. When you actually befriend Karla, if you can break her shell, she's very motherly and wants her friends to be happy. She tries to make sure everyone who comes to her is happy with her work and that they don't stretch outside of their budget. She's also very loyal and will have your back when you truly need it. Karla is honest and won't ever lie to you about anything.
πŸ—οΈ History: Karla was born in a tribe of fairies that lived in a small village in another dimension. Karla grew up, and left her home when she was 18. She ended up dimension hopping to Minecraftia, looking for a home. She had a run in with a witch who ended up holding her captive, wanting to observe her for her own purposes. Karla, however, wasn't one to give up, and she eventually found the key to the door of the witch's home and escaped, taking the key with her. Karla ended up traveling over several biomes over the course of a few months, until she came to a swamp, not far from a plains with a large village. Karla would visit this village and became a gardener. She now lives in the swamp, finding jobs with gardening and helping others with their farms when she travels.

πŸ—οΈ Trivia

πŸ—οΈ The small stars on Karla's face glow when she uses her magic.
πŸ—οΈ Karla has been asked why she kept the witch's key. She'll usually say, "So she won't be able to trap anyone else. Can't lock someone in without the key."
πŸ—οΈ Karla has a detectable Mexican accent.
πŸ—οΈ Karla's favorite food is rabbit stew.
πŸ—οΈ Karla can't swim.
πŸ—οΈ Karla's favorite color is dark green.


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Pallas Reference

[Here's a fox girl I got! Her name is Pallas!]


Basic Info

🦊 Name: Pallas
🦊 Nicknames: Pall
🦊 Age: 25
🦊 Birthday: August 16th
🦊 Sex: Female
🦊 Gender: Female
🦊 Pronouns: She/Her
🦊 Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Aromantic | Asexual
🦊 Height: 5'4"
🦊 Species: Fox Humanoid
🦊 Job: Blacksmith

Game/Server Info

🦊 Home Server: Elvania
🦊 Biome They Live In: Plains
🦊 Preferred Weapon: Diamond Sword
🦊 Favorite Block: Furnace
🦊 Favorite Item: Armor Stand
🦊 Favorite Mob: Iron Golems


🦊 Strengths: Has a great knowledge of making weapons, is a great sword fighter, and has a great throwing aim with potions.
🦊 Weaknesses: Can't shoot very well with a bow, has a distaste for Illagers, and is a picky trader.
🦊 Powers: Can speak to foxes
🦊 Likes: Sweet berries, chicken, weapons making, sparring, and reading.
🦊 Dislikes: Illagers, people who abuse animals, rain, and deserts
🦊 Personality: Pallas is quiet when you first meet her and tends to be very serious about most situations. She doesn't mess around very often, and she's very dedicated to her job. She doesn't get sarcasm, doesn't get jokes and knows how important her job is to her village and its people. She's also very callous, not showing her emotions very often. Some people tend to think she doesn't even have emotions because of this. However, when you get to know Pallas, she's a very passionate and protective person. She loves animals and loves her friends, wanting to keep them safe. She loves what she does as a job and that shows with her extensive weapon knowledge. She's also very loyal and will always have the backs of her friends.
🦊 History: Pallas was always a little out of place. Born to two foxes, she was a different color than her siblings, a purple color rather than red. She didn't blend in very well like her siblings did, but she was a great hunter when she was an animal. She lives a normal life as a fox, until a Pillager patrol came through. The Pillager captain thought she was a oddity, so he tried to take her from her family to observe her. Her family was killed for trying to save her and Pallas was taken to a faraway woodland mansion. She was locked away and watched over like some sick experiment. After some time, a human named Stella found the fox and brought her to her village after defeating the Pillagers in the mansion. Pallas was blessed by one of the clerics in Stella's village and given a new form as a fox humanoid. Pallas learned about being human and decided to take up a job as a blacksmith, and has since come to love the people in her village. She may miss her family, but knows there's a lot she can do to make a difference.

🦊 Trivia

🦊 Pallas has a garden of sweet berries. She grows her own since they're her favorite food.
🦊 Pallas also has an orchard of apple trees.
🦊 Pallas can understand and speak to foxes.
🦊 Pallas' scarf is enchanted and can move like extra arms for her.
🦊 Pallas is really good at knitting, but it's a passion she doesn't share often.
🦊 Pallas' favorite color is cyan.


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Maribel Reference

[I've gotten some new characters, so I'll upload them as I get bios done for them! Here's a pirate girl I got, Maribel!]


Basic Info

❄️ Name: Maribel Von Hart
❄️ Nicknames: First Mate, Mari, Maribelly
❄️ Age: 23
❄️ Birthday: October 5th
❄️ Sex: Female
❄️ Gender: Female
❄️ Pronouns: She/Her
❄️ Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Panromantic | Pansexual
❄️ Height: 5'9"
❄️ Species: Human
❄️ Job: First Mate to Loki Katbur's Pirate Crew

Game/Server Info

❄️ Home Server: Creaturae
❄️ Biome They Live In: Ocean/Beach
❄️ Preferred Weapon: Double Iron Swords
❄️ Favorite Block: Gold Block
❄️ Favorite Item: Spruce Boat
❄️ Favorite Mob: Dolphin


❄️ Strengths: Is a good sword fighter, has good physical strength, and can talk to animals
❄️ Weaknesses: Is very sensitive about her appearance, doesn't like to get her shoes wet, and doesn't like being alone
❄️ Powers: Can speak to animals
❄️ Likes: Fish, dolphins, coral, big dresses, lace, and stained glass
❄️ Dislikes: Spiders, Guardians, birch wood, berries, and fire
❄️ Personality: Maribel is a very kind woman with the heart of a warrior. She can be very sweet and will offer you a helping hand when you need it. She's very tough when it comes to fights and helping those who need it, and she won't back down from a good fight. She'll fight for what's right and will always have your back. She's loyal and will take your secrets to the grave. She won't let you down if she can help it. However, Maribel is very much someone who needs to be with others, she's not good at being alone. She's absent-minded at times, not always focusing on her surroundings. She can also be blunt at times, telling you the truth, even if it'll hurt feelings.
❄️ History: Maribel grew up in a rich family, and her parents were huge snobs who flaunted everything they had. Maribel didn't like this, she saw how people who were less fortunate than her were suffering and needing help. So, she ran away. Maribel ran away from her home and decided she wanted to do some good in the world. However, life out here was a little harder than she thought. However, a pirate named Loki saw that she needed help, and invited Maribel to join her pirate crew, aligned with what she had in mind with helping people. Maribel and Loke spent a lot of time together and eventually, the older girl became her first mate. The two now sail around with their crew, righting wrongs Minecraftia over.

❄️ Trivia

❄️ Maribel can speak French.
❄️ Maribel's favorite food is apples.
❄️ Maribel's biggest fear is being alone, without Loki especially.
❄️ Maribel may never admit it, but she has a big crush on Loki.
❄️ Maribel's favorite color is navy blue.
❄️ Maribel has a collection of lacey little trinkets.


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cy-chin asked:

(for the oc ask meme) #10 with Claus and/or Brine? πŸ‘€

OC Asks

10. What average skillset (such as cooking or driving) are they completely lacking in?

Claus and Brine

[Claus' biggest weakness at the moment is his cooking. He's not good with measurements of ingredients and temperatures. His boyfriend, Reiner, and Reiner's companion, Melody, do most of the cooking as a result.

Brine's biggest weakness is sewing, he's not good at threading needles or having consistent stitching. It's why Celina sews up his clothes when he needs to sew.

Thank you for the ask, Cy!]

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You're Endearing to Me

[For the Endearment Week prompt in Aermerea!

Marianne has been crushing hard on Matilda since last year, and she decided that during this week, she'll confess her love in a card to Matilda. Let's see how it plays out!

Also, sorry for the lack of activity here, guys! I've been busy!

And fear not, Cy! I'm working on the ask you sent!]

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Brine Reference 2021

[I've been meaning to upload all the new references I have done here, but I've been busy.

Anyways, here's Brine's newest ref sheet with updated info!]


Basic Info

πŸ• Name: Herobrineious Hunter Jacob Diamond Alstrom
πŸ• Nicknames: Brine, Herobrine, HB, Sweetie
πŸ• Age: 160,009
πŸ• Birthday: October 31st
πŸ• Sex: Intersex
πŸ• Gender: Genderqueer
πŸ• Pronouns: He/They
πŸ• Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Panromantic | Pansexual | Polyarmous | Married to Celina and Cenlar
πŸ• Height: 5'2"
πŸ• Species: Demi-Deity
πŸ• Job: Protector/Lord of Creatoria

Game/Server Info

πŸ• Home Server: Creaturae
πŸ• Biome They Live In: Plains
πŸ• Preferred Weapon: Duel Redstone Swords
πŸ• Favorite Block: Netherrack
πŸ• Favorite Item: Pumpkin Pie
πŸ• Favorite Mob: Endermites


πŸ• Strengths: Is very verbose and intelligent, has a great memory, and is a strong fighter, especially in sword battles
πŸ• Weaknesses: Is emotionally sensitive, is afraid of water, and gets sick with certain illnesses easily
πŸ• Powers: Super strength, super speed, teleportation, fire manipulation, item summoning, mind control with bees, and energy sensing
πŸ• Likes: Tea, dragons, the sky, spending time with Celina, clouds, fire, and ballet
πŸ• Dislikes: Water, Endermen, being reminded of his past, snow, colder weather, and losing control of himself when upset
πŸ• Personality: Brine is a very sweet and loving Demi-Deity, always there to protect those he cares about. He's kind and loves to make new friends, giving them gifts and things to show his affection. Brine is protective and he will fight for anyone he cares about. Brine is loyal and will keep your secrets to his grave. However, Brine has a fiery temper to match his powers, and his anger can form into the wrath of a hurricane. He's very sensitive and can be reminded of everything he's lost quite easily. He's been through many traumatic things and has taken a lot of time to get better. He's somewhat assertive when he's sure of something, but he tries not to be.
πŸ• History: Born in the Aether from the power of Iraura, the once Queen of Minecraftia's gods, Brine and his twin lived happily. Not long after Brine was created, so were humans, and Brine adored them. He left for the Overworld and ended up in a small human kingdom. He was welcomed once they saw Brine's intentions were good, and he ended up marrying into the royal family and having children with his wife. However, he was betrayed by the kingdom and lost his family. Brine destroyed the kingdom after his loss and became the Lord of the Mobs, Nether Prince, and a legend and terror for 80,000 years. However, Celina came into Brine's life and has since changed him to be a better and more human person. He has a child named Azariah, is married to Celina and Cenlar, and has an Amorapuff to help take care of him. Brine's been through a lot, but is getting better by the day.

πŸ• Trivia
πŸ• Brine goes server hopping and will bring back trinkets from his trips.
πŸ• Brine likes video games and emojis.
πŸ• Brine is bipolar like Celina and Cenlar.
πŸ• Brine's favorite foods are pumpkin pie and pizza.
πŸ• Brine is a Mei main in Overwatch.


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Brine's Other Outfits 1

[I made a base for Brine so I could make him some outfits! Here's his casual outfits!

Those bracelets on his first one are for his gender and orientations. If you can guess them, let me know! :D]

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Steve Reference 2021

[Here's a new reference for Steve with his updated info! I love him so much!]


Basic Info

πŸ” Name: Steven Alfonce Mindrall
πŸ” Nicknames: Steve, Stevie, Stevie-Boy, Stev, Alfonce
πŸ” Age: 31
πŸ” Birthday: October 31st
πŸ” Sex: Male
πŸ” Gender: Male
πŸ” Pronouns: He/Him
πŸ” Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Biromantic | Bisexual | Married to Stephanie
πŸ” Height: 5'4"
πŸ” Species: Formally Demi-God | Human
πŸ” Job: Miner

Game/Server Info

πŸ” Home Server: Creaturae
πŸ” Biome They Live In: Forest
πŸ” Preferred Weapon: Iron Sword
πŸ” Favorite Block: Cyan Concrete
πŸ” Favorite Item: Diamond
πŸ” Favorite Mob: Pigs


πŸ” Strengths: Is pretty strong, can swim well, and has great knowledge of mining and ores
πŸ” Weaknesses: Doesn't like to talk about his parents, is afraid of heights, and doesn't like to use bows
πŸ” Powers: None
πŸ” Likes: Snow, hamburgers, music, sunrises, the dark, cats, dogs, and diamonds
πŸ” Dislikes: Zombies, creepy things, hot weather, being lost in the mines, and big cities
πŸ” Personality: Steve is a chipper guy who always tries to look on the bright side of everything. He knows every cloud has a silver lining and tries to make the best of everything. He's loyal and will always have your back if you have his. He'll be there to fight tooth and nail to protect you. He's also very adventurous and likes to explore and see the world around him. However, Steve can be arrogant when it comes to his skills in mining. He's learned a lot about it and likes to flaunt his knowledge to others. Steve can be stubborn and won't quit until he's on the edge of passing out from exhaustion. He's a little forgetful at times, but he really tried his best.
πŸ” History: Steve was born in a secluded house outside of a mountain village. His father, a miner, taught him a great deal about his profession when Steve was a child. At 16, Steve left home and found his way to a forest village called Forest's City. He decided to make his home here. When he was 18, he met his future wife, Stephanie. Steve had been haunted by Herobrine most of his life, and the Demi-God had even killed his parents. However, after making friends with Brine, thanks to Celina changing him, Steve discovered he had once been a Demi-God and Brine was his twin. They reformed their close bond, and since then, Steve had made many friends and many allies. He and Stephanie now have a son named Anthony, an adopted daughter named Penelope, and Steve has his new companion, Harold. He's living a wonderful new life as a human, and cherishes all he's been given.

πŸ” Trivia
πŸ” Steve had learned how to use the stars to make his way home.
πŸ” Steve can hold his breath for a while. This is because he was once an demi-god who could use water.
πŸ” Steve likes rock music.
πŸ” Steve's favorite food is hamburgers.
πŸ” Steve has a computer from Brine and is a Tracer main in Overwatch.
πŸ” When Steve is upset, his eyes emit a cyan smoke like Celina's magenta smoke.


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An assortment of OC asks

  1. What mundane thing do they hate with an irrational passion?
  2. What every day thing are they obsessed with?
  3. What harmless thing are they terrified of?
  4. How well would they take being suddenly transported to the distant past? The future?
  5. Are they well prepared, or do they wing it?
  6. How much self-restraint can they show?
  7. Do they tend to encounter bizarre circumstances (are they extremely lucky or unlucky)?
  8. Are they flamboyant or understated?
  9. What song from your playlist would they listen to on repeat, if any?
  10. What average skillset (such as cooking or driving) are they completely lacking in?
  11. If they could let their inner child make any wish, what would it be?
  12. Do they hold any petty grudges?
  13. If they could make any tacky fashion choice without judgement, what would it be?
  14. What is their favourite "oddly satisfying" thing?
  15. If there something silly they do when people aren't looking, such as dancing or making faces?

[Hey, you guys should... send some in and I'll draw answers.

You can check out everyone currently on the blog on this tag!]

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Celina Reference 2021

[Here's the first of the new references! Here's Celina!]


🍰 Basic Info 🍰

🍰 Name: Celania Charlotte Christopher Callie Connor Rose-Coal-Alstrom
🍰 Nicknames: Celina, CC, Her Highness, Her Majesty
🍰 Age: 28
🍰 Birthday: January 31st
🍰 Sex: Female
🍰 Gender: Genderfluid
🍰 Pronouns: She/He/They
🍰 Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Panromantic | Pansexual | Polyamorous | Married to Cenlar and Brine
🍰 Height: 4'8"
🍰 Species: Human/Goddess
🍰 Job: Queen of Creatoria/Potion Brewer

🍰 Game/Server Info 🍰

🍰 Home Server: Creaturae
🍰 Biome They Live In: Plains
🍰 Preferred Weapon: Enchanted Diamond Sword "Old Faithful" | Unbreaking Infinity and Sharpness V
🍰 Favorite Block: Magenta Wool
🍰 Favorite Item: Pink Dye
🍰 Favorite Mob: Rabbits

🍰 Personals 🍰

🍰 Strengths: Great brewing memory, great physical strength, and great mob knowledge.
🍰 Weaknesses: Very emotionally sensitive, very empathetic, and very curious
🍰 Powers: None (Yet!)
🍰 Likes: Apples, bubbles, roses, spending time with her family, and knitting
🍰 Dislikes: Skeletons, heights, her friends or family hurting, and bugs
🍰 Personality: Celina is a kind girl with a heart of gold. She's willing to take in almost anyone and help them when they truly need it. She's very smart with a great memory, especially with little details in people, or with brewing. She's tough when it comes to fighting for her friends. She's also very open-minded and very honest. The downside it that Celina can be very empathetic and will give a second chance to people who shouldn't get one. She feels bad about it afterwords and tends to beat herself up over it. She can also be very stubborn and won't budge from her goal unless she reaches it or wears herself out. Celina is sensitive when it comes to her emotions, not taking harsh words or breaks in her trust very well. But she tries to be a positive influence to everyone around her.
🍰 History: Celania, mostly known as Celina, was born the youngest of ten children. Her parents and siblings loved her dearly. When she was 14, her parents were killed in a skeleton attack and she mourned for them. Celina and her siblings decided to split and move to new biomes away from their forest village. Celina chose a plain and began to build her castle there. While doing so, she met Steve and Cenlar, the latter being an old childhood friend of hers. Celina and Cenlar ended up falling in love and marrying. They built up their current kingdom. When Celina was 18, she met and changed Herobrine for the better, helping him become a better person. Since then, Celina has made many friends, had her and Cenlar's twins, and married Brine into her relationship. However, she's been conflicted lately. She had realized that she may not be entirely human...

🍰 Trivia
🍰 Celina loves to sing and can play a few instruments, like the piano and violin.
🍰 Celina has a computer from a more modern and modded server. She plays Overwatch and is a Mercy main.
🍰 She has the habit to call people, "Sweetie," "Dear," or, "Sweetheart."
🍰 Her favorite food is rainbow brownies.
🍰 She's a part time monster hunter and can brew all kinds of potions.
🍰 When Celina experiences extreme emotion, magenta smoke will emit from her eyes.


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[Hey, everyone! Helios here!

I'm currently working on making new reference sheets for everyone as well as updating their bios, so I'm gonna be uploading their new sheets here along with updated bios as often as I can!

Stay tuned for some new posts!]

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A Gentle Touch

[Kinda vent art, but also because I wanted to show Brine being soft again.

Gentle touches, for Brine, make him feel safe and loved. I like that trope of touch-starved characters feeling a soft touch for the first time, but Brine is like that all the time since he hadn't felt a soft touch for so long. When Celina does it, it makes him feel especially safe.]

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Celina Headcanon Post!

I wanted to make a post for headcanons about Celina since I've been drawing her a bunch lately!

Read below if you're interested!

🍰 Celina has the habit to call people, "sweetie," "sweetheart," and, "dear." It's a habit she picked up from her mother and she does it a lot, especially to people close to her. Most of them don't mind, especially Brine. He knows it's a term of endearment from her.
🍰 Celina has a fondness for big colored glasses. She doesn't need them, but finding glasses with pretty colored lenses is a hobby of hers.
🍰 When she experiences extreme emotion, Celina's eyes emit a magenta colored smoke. This is part of something she hasn't unlocked yet...
🍰 Celina's favorite food is her homemade rainbow brownies. Basically, you have five bowls and make brownies with a different food dye in each bowl of mix. Then, you layer them, bake them, and bam! Rainbow brownies!
🍰 Celina can play the piano and violin.
🍰 Celina's favorite colors are pink and magenta.
🍰 Celina has a scar that peeks out from her shirt. She also has a matching scar in the same place on her back from a sword going through her chest.
🍰 Celina's main hobbies are knitting and drawing.
🍰 Celina can speak Ender, but rarely has to. To the Enders she speaks with, she has a thick accent when she uses their language.
🍰 Celina has bipolar.
🍰 Celina has a small birthmark, which is the little mark visible on her neck.

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Celina's Other Outfits 2

[I found my base I used on this post for Celina's outfits and I decided to make some more for her! She's just so cute and is my comfort character and I love making outfits for her!

So, here's her beach, formal, and third casual outfits!]

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An art piece of Celina Rose-Coal, an original character of the user kinghelios33.

Here's the actual drawing of Celina that I scrunched down to fit into the art meme. Dunno if I did her justice.

Referenced from this post.

Celina Rose-Coal by @kinghelios33


[I still can't thank you enough for this, she looks adorable!!! I love her in your style, Math!!!

Our first fanart here on Waterfall, everyone! :D]

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Belle of the Ball

[I finished this up yesterday before my birthday party and I really like how it came out!

Roxanne is an entertainer and she's really good at singing! I love her a lot and this piece came out really nicely!]

Check out the speedpaint here!

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Forest Playdate

[I wanted to draw Daisy and her new best friend, Rainey! I finished this early this morning!

I was also able to record this as a speedpaint, since I'm trying to fix up my YouTube channel a bit.]

Check out the speedpaint here!

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Me Because of You

"I'm only me because of you.
You know me better than I do."

-HRVY-Me Because of You [x]

[I wanted to draw something cute with Brine and Celina and this song happened to come on while I was drawing from my playlist for Celina and Brine. Brine truly is who he is today because of Celina. He wouldn't be such a kind, sweet, loving person if it wasn't for Celina saving his life.]

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Comment from beefox-Ceros!

Kyung Mi: "It's a very pretty place with lots of other amazing species! Ceros are just one of many species there!"



[Ceros are a species created by my friends KizunaYui and KiraKiraBunnii over on Toyhouse! If you'd like to learn a little about them and see their world, here's their traits page on the Aermerea Toyhouse world! It's a world of different species created by KizunaYui and KiraKiraBunnii, both of whom are friends of mine!

Basically, Ceros are element based humanoids who have animal features. They have powers based on elements and have a humanoid and feral form!]

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Cherry Blossom Walks

[I haven't drawn anything with Kyung Mi and Joon yet besides their ref sheets, so here they are! I wanted to draw them taking a walk together! They're so cute, hhhhhhhh.]