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Majestic Dancer

Dorthy: "Jewel is into ballet, as I've discovered. She's been doing it for a few hundred years now, and she wanted to show some of it to me and Velvet."

Jewelavyn stops the spinning she had been doing, before opening one eye at Dorthy and petting the Fluffle in their arms with one hand.

Jewelavyn: "Well, thank you for indulging me, Dorthy. You truly are wonderful for being so kind to me and letting me share my passion with you and Velvet."


[I really wanted to draw Jewel in her ballet outfit that one of my friends drew for me a long time ago (seen here). I figured that, with her passion for ballet, she would probably share it with Dorthy and their new TeaBlossom Fluffle, Velvet!

I'm really proud of how this came out, I've been in a bit of a slump and drawing this helped a lot. ;w;]

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A little repour from my Minecraft blog! I'm very proud of this one! ;w;

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